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325 - Customs for Hoshanah Rabbah

Customs for Hoshana Rabbah include distributing sweet apples by the gaboim. However, since we don't eat anything outside of the Sukkah, distribute them to the people to be eaten in their own sukkot. Before Halel remove the two rings from the lulav itself, leaving only the three that hold all the species together. The reason for this custom is to enable a more vigorous shake, as we are at the end of the mitzvah and wish to make a powerful final shake.

To whom would the gaboim distribute the sweet apples during Hoshana Rabba?

When would they distribute it?

What was the problem?

What is the solution the Rebbe suggests?

What is the reason for the מנהג to remove the 2 rings of the לולב on הושענא רבה?