Rambam - Sefer Hamitzvos Daily Study

The study of the daily portion of the Sefer Hamitzvos of the Rambam is meant for those who find it too difficult to follow the more intense study of the Mishnah Torah of the Rambam. The Rebbe instituted learning daily about the same commandments being studied in the 3 chapter per day track, concluding all 613 mitzvahs each year. The podcast are the recorded daily classes given by Rabbi Chaim Wolosow in Chabad of Sharon, MA.

The Rebbe's Advice

To date there are 30 volumes of the Rebbe’s correspondence (Igros Kodesh) that have been published. In the Rebbe's correspondence one sees his scholarship, concern for every individual, and the communal projects which he pioneered. This podcast is a recording from our daily studies in these letters.

Likutei Torah on the Parsha

“Classic” text-based shiur, covering the entire Mamer and geared to those familiar with Likkutei Torah. Following the weekly Torah portion.

Likkutei Sichos

This is the “classic” text-based shiur, covering the entire Sicha, and geared to those familiar with Likkutei Sichos. Following the learning cycle of Project Likkutei Sichos