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Customs for Erev Sukkos


Eiruv Tavishilin


The Rebbe instituted to make sure that people have their needs for the Yom Tov of ? Just as we do if for?

People who give Tzedaka every day what do they do for Shabbos and Yom Tov?

The Rebbe encouraged that people should have their own Lulav and Etrog. Why?

The Rebbe also encouraged people to have their own Sukkah. Why?

Did the Rebbe participate in the building of the Sukkah? How?

Is it ok to have your sukkah in your home when you remove the roof and cover it with Sechach?

What is Chabad Tradition as far as how many walls we use for Sukkah?

It is Chabad tradition to use lots of Sechach. How would you meet the requirement of seeing stars?

When you have a sukkah cover what are you supposed to do before eating in the Sukkah?

What do you do so as not to create an אהל when putting on the cover?

It would only be considered and אהל if?

Do we need a floor under the Sukkah?

When might we need it to protect from?

Does Chabad use decorations for the Sukkah?

What about making the walls themselves beautiful?

Is it necessary to pay for the Etrog before Sukkot in order for the Etrog to be yours?

From where should the Etrog be according to Chabad tradition?

What about an Etrog that grew in Calabria and replanted in Israel?

What does the midrash say where the בני ישראל got the Etrogim while they were in the desert?

What is the best color of an Etrog?

What is more important in an Etrog color or clean?

What Lulav is not recommended?

What particulars did the previous Rebbe look for in a Lulav?

Are you permitted to smell the הדסים?

What about the Etrog?

If you did smell would you make a beracha?

Where is best to tie the Lulav?

One should try and tie their own Lulav. Why?

How many of each kind of the ד מינים do we use?

Is it Chabad custom to use קוישעלאך?

How do we tie the מינים to the Lulav?

When should one tie the Lulav?

Why do we need it to be from the kind of the Lulav?

How many rings to we use on the Lulav?

How do we place the הדסים  on the Lulav?

How do we place the ערבות?

We try for the ערבות not to show so much. Why?

The הדסים, ערבות should all start where?

How many rings on the לולב?

We try to cover even the upper?

How many rings try the 3 מינים together?

From what age should children have their own set?

One needs to make a beracha on an Esrog that he owns. What is the problem with a minor?

Little girls start lighting Shabbos and Yom Tov lights at the age of?

When is it fitting for the little girls to light the first time? Why?

If there is no safety issue it is best to light the Yom Tov lights in the?

If there is a shortage of space in the Sukkah?

When moving them you should?

If possible the one making Kiddush should be able to see?

When is it best to light the Yom Tov lights? If you did not light it then you must light it from a?

What are the ברכות for the candles?

When is the beracha made on Yom Tov? Even though technically?

A man who lights the candles does not make a? Why?

If he happened to make the שהחיינו on the candles, then?