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Customs for Yom Kippur

When should we put on the Talis before Kol Nidrei?

If there is time one should also say what?

Does Kol Nidrei have to be said during day time?

How many Chapters to we say before Kol Nidrei?

How many Torah’s do we minimally need to take out for Kol Nidrei?

Which Torah is considered a privilege to hold?

What are the two holding the Torah plus Chazzan considered?

Which chapter of Tehilim do we start with?

What is the purpose of saying על דעת המקום?

Why do we do it in an undertone?

How many times do we say Kol Nidrei?

The community says along in an?

What to purpose of Kol Nidrei?

How many times do the community and the chazzan say out loud ויאמר ה' סלחתי כדבריך?

What is the purpose of שהחיינו and why is it said now?

What does everyone do when the chazzan says שהחיינו?

We announce that women who lit candles for Yom Kippur should not make שהחיינו why?

Where do we start the davening when יום כפור is on שבת?

How do we say the verse ברוך שם  during יום כפור?

Why is Yom Kippur different then the rest of the year?

On Shabbos Yom Kippur we do not say אבינו מלכנו except by?

The chapter לדוד מזמור is not done?

Who instituted to say entire Tehilim after Mariv?

Witch chapters do we do after Mariv?

If one eats for health reasons do you make Kiddush?

What about לחם משנה?

Do we say יעלה ויבא in ברכת המזון?

Do we go by the rule today that healthy children should fast part of the day from the age of 9 and the weaker ones from age of 10?


Do we go by the rule today that boys at the age of 12 and girls at the age of 11 must fast?

Is it correct to put little children to bed on Yom Kippur night without feeding them?

When using facilities after the Davening at night, the recommendation is?  so that you can make the?

How about during the day?

What is the difference?

Until where are the kohanim’s hands washed?

Which ברכה do we omit for ברכות השחר?

What Happens when you have כוונה in the very first prayer of the day?

The Rebbe would say Tehilim after Mariv while sitting when did he get up?

During which other prayers did the Rebbe stand?

How many times do we say השם השם before קריאת התורה?

Even on Shabbos, why?

In what section do we read in the first Sefer Torah?

In what section do we read in the second Sefer Torah?

From where is the Haftorah?

For Yizkor you use son of mother’s or father’s name?

Who else do we mention during Yizkor?

Those who have parents b”h, do what during Yizkor?

During the first year one should not say?

When do we make a bris on Yom Kippur?

When you have a wooden floor do you need to put something on the floor for Korim?

Would the Rebbe stand during סדר עבודה?

He would always stand when it came to?

How long should the break between Musaf and Mincha minimally be?

When do we daven נעילה?

During נעילה we say לעילא ו?

We substitute כתבנו with?

Can you say the prayer of היום יפנה  if the sun has already set?

Do we doברכת כהנים  in נעילה?

What song to we sing before the תקיעה?

For Mariv you keep your Talis and Kittel but you put on?

What do we wish each other at the end of Yom Kipur?

What happened if the Yom Kippur light went out during Yom Kippur?

What is the idea of fasting 26 hours?

However, in reality?

Before Havdalah how do you wash your hand?

We only use besamim if it is also Motzi?

How does one get fire for the aish?

When should one at least start to talk about Sukkah?

What did they observe the Rebbe do once?