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Customs for Sukkos

Customs for Sukkos 002

When does a Yom Tov begin?

Every Holiday the פסוק says?

What was special on Sukkos?

What is the verse that speaks of the joy?

Even though some argue that שמחת בית שואבה only begins when? Why?

The actual tradition is?

Some have objection to dancing and or clapping hands on Shabbos Yom Tov. In Chabad?

The Rebbe encouraged to bring the joy of the festival?

What year did the Rebbe start to encourage the public שמחת בית השואבה?

What are the berochos we do in Kiddush in the Sukkah? What are they?

What does the ברכה שהחיינו cover on Sukkos?

On the first night of Sukkos we make first? On the second day?

Do we make שהחיינו on the second day? Why?

What was the Rebbe’s custom when making the ברכה לישב בסוכה?

We dip the motzie in? Why?

We still bring? To the table

Do people make their own שהחיינו?

How about לישב בסוכה?

If one realizes they had not made the שהחיינו during first day Yom Tov?

Women eating in סוכה do they make the ברכה לישב בסוכה?

How could they say אשר קדשנו במצותיו?

How much must one eat on the first night of Sukkah even if it is raining?

Besides the first night of Sukkah technically one is not obligated to eat in the Sukkah. Why?

What is the Chabad tradition?

What was the story with the Rabbi who went back to bentch where he ate?

If you see it will stop raining what must you do?

But in Chabad?

How much must we eat bread or Mezonos in order to make a ברכה לישב בסוכה?

Chabad tradition is not even to? Outside of the Sukkah?

The Chabad tradition is not to sleep in the Sukkah. Why?

Why do Chasidim not sleep in Sukkah?

What if you’re coming to someone’s sukkah to hang out do you make a לישב בסוכה? What should be done?

Why do we not put a מזוזה on a Sukkah?

In Chabad do we kiss the Sukkah?

What are the אושפיזין?

Who are the חסידישע אושפיזין?

What do we say in יעלה ויבא during Sukkos?

What if your forgot to say יעלה ויבא in the bentching before starting the fourth ברכה?

What if after?

What do we do the first thing on Yom Tov day?

Best to make the blessing and shake the Lulav in the Sukkah even?

Why is eat in our tradition to have something to eat before Davening?

What about before the מצוה לולב?

When you give someone to use your Lulav and Esrog is to say? Why?

In which hand do we hold the Lulav? Why?

What about a left handed?

How is the מצוה done?

How many ברכות do we say on the first time we do this מצוה?

Where do we connect the Lulav to the Esrog?

Other hold the Esrog? Chabad?

What is the order of the נענועים?

Do women do נענועים?

When you reach your destination you do what?

When you bring it back. Where to?

When bringing down do we turn the לולב upside down?

The entire הלל is recited during all Yom Tov of Sukkos as opposed to Pesach. Why?

Do we make the ברכה on the הלל?

What do people who have not made the ברכה on the לולב before הלל  do?

How does it change their נענועים?

What do we hold when saying הלל?

When doing the נענועים?