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6 of Tishrei תשכ"ה Yahrtzeit of Rebetzin Chana, Mother of our Rebbe

נולדה כח טבת תש"מ בעיר ניקוליב לאביה מאיר שלמה ואמה רחל

What Happened on the 6th of Tishrei?

When was Rebetzin Chana born?

Who were her parents?

How old was she when she got married?

Who was her husband?

Who was their oldest son?

What year was the Rebbe born

How many years after their Marriage was the Rebbe born?

In what year did Rabbi Levi Yitzchak become Rabbi of Yekatrinaslov?

What were some of her special qualities?

What Happened in 1939?

To which city was he exiled?

What did the Rebetzin do immediately?

How did she help her husband when she came to him?

What happened in 1947?

Who met her in Paris?

How would the Rebbe honor his mother?

What did the Rebbe say about his mother at the farbrengen?

How many years did the Rebetzin live in Brooklyn?

Where is she interned?

What did the Rebbe do when his brother passed during his mother’s lifetime?