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3 of Tishrei Yahrtzeit of Rebetzin Devorah Leah Daughter of Alter Rebbe and Mother of Tzemach Tzedek

What happened on Tishrei 3 in Yemei Chabad?

What year did the Magid pass?

How old was the Alter Rebbe at that time?

The alter Rebbe was in allot of pain because?

How did people know that something very troubling was going on?

What did the alter Rebbe say speaking to his masters?

What happened to the Alter Rebbe?

How old was the Tzemach Tzedek then?

What did the Tzemach Tzedek do for his grandfather?

What did the Alter Rebbe say about him?

What was the Alter Rebbe doing for 18 years?

What did he tell some of his leading students that worries him?

What did Rebetzin Devorah Leah do?

What happened with the לשנה טובה the alter Rebbe was saying?

What was her last request of her father?

How old was Devorah Leach when she passed?

Where is she interned?

Why do we speak of her with such reverence?