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20 of Cheshvan - יום הולדת אדמו"ר הרש"ב תרכ"א

נולד בעיירת ליובאוויטש

  1. What does רש"ב stand for
  2. What number Rebbe was the רש"ב and what was his lineage?
  3. Who were the parents of the רש"ב?
  4. After many generations in Lubavitch where did they move to and during which war was it.
  5. What was the year the רש"ב  was born. What is the hint for this year?
  6. Who was the רבי רש"ב compared to in the world of הלכה?
  7. What happened on י' כסלו with the מיטעלער רבי?
  8. What day did the רביצין רבקה have her dream?
  9. Whom did she see in her dream?
  10. What did her mother tell her?
  11. What did the מיטעלער רבי add?
  12. Who was the רבי רש"ב named after?
  13. What did רביצין חי' מושקה tell her husband the צמח צדק?
  14. What did the צמח צדק tell his wife?
  15. What are the 2 opinions in the Talmud about dreams?
  16. What was the צמח צדק resolution?
  17. The answer of the צמח צדק caused רביצין רבקה to?
  18. Then the רביצין רבקה had another dream on what day was that:
  19. Who else was there?
  20. What did the Miteler Rebbe say?
  21. What did the מהר"ש hear that brought him to his room?
  22. How was the ספר תורה to be written made?
  23. Where did the צמח צדק instruct to write the ספר תורה?
  24. When was the סיום supposed to take place.
  25. When was the Torah finished and how was it done?
  26. What did the רביצין רבקה do for the ספר תורה?
  27. How were the first לוחות given?
  28. What happened to the first tablets?
  29. The second לוחות were given in a?
  30. Perhaps this was the reason not to make
  31. With the court case with the ספרים what happened?
  32. What happened on כ' חשון תרכ"ד?
  33. The צמח צדק instructed that אפשערן should be done in
  34. Where did he sleep the night before his upsehrein
  35. What was the name of the attendant who washed his hands?
  36. What did the צמח צדק say?
  37. Who was the one the first to pass the jug of oil?
  38. On that day they brought רש"ב into?
  39. The צמח צדק threw candies who did he say was throwing them?
  40. The רש"ב took it seriously and did not?
  41. What happened ערב פסח?


  1. ר' שלום [דו]בער
  2. The Rebbeרש"ב  was the 5th. His father was the רבי מהר"ש he was the 4th. His father was the צמח צדק he was the 3rd. His father in law the מיטעלער רבי was the 2nd. His father was the אלטער רבי was the 1st Rebbe the founder of חב"ד
  3. The רבי מהר"ש, ר' שמואל and the רביצין רבקה.
  4. To Rostov during world war 1.
  5. תרכ"א כתר, א –
  6. The רמב"ם.
  7. He was freed from prison.
  8. On יו"ד כסלו.
  9. Her mother and grandfather the Miteler Rebbe
  10. They should write a ספר תורה?
  11. That she will have a son and they should not forget on his name.
  12. The צמח צדק father in law the מיטעלער רבי דובער and the צמח צדק’s father ר שלום (שכנא)
  13. That she had a dream.
  14. That in the Talmud there are 2 opinions with regards to a dream.
  15. One says that they don’t really mean anything the other says they do.
  16. That a good dream should be followed.
  17. Reveal to her husband about her own dreams.
  18. יט כסלו
  19. The אלטער רבי
  20. You will have a good son.
  21. רביצין רבקה answered אמן loudly.
  22. With special parchment
  23. In his room
  24. After יום כפור
  25. Monday, יג חשון in the room of the צמח צדק
  26. She sewed the mantel
  27. With a lot of noise
  28. They were broken
  29. Quite way
  30. A big to do about the ספר תורה when it was finished.
  31. The first time the victory came in it was celebrated with great fanfare but after it was challenged and the second victory came about the Rebbe instructed to keep it on a low tone.
  32. Upsherin of רש"ב
  33. Quite way.
  34. In the room with the צמח צדק
  35. חיים ליב
  36. That he is passing on the jug of oil he was anointed with to the רש"ב.
  37. The בעל שם טוב
  38. חדר
  39. מלאך מיכאל
  40. Eat them.
  41. He had to eat them up.