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Bamidbar Newsletter - פרשת במדבר


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We extend a very hearty mazel tov to Dr. Laurence and Susan Cable on the upcoming bat mitzvah of their granddaughter, Rosalie. We look forward to a beautiful celebration and kiddush this Shabbos!


This Thursday, two proud grandparents received an aliyah on the occasion of their children giving birth this week. 


We extend a hearty mazel tov to Joe and Susan Shulman, grandparents, and to Brett and Stacy Kaufman, parents, on the birth of a baby girl this week. 

 We also extend a hearty mazel tov to Levi and Chana’le Wolosow of Morganville, New Jersey, and the entire Wolosow family on the birth of a baby boy. Bris to take place BE"H on Tuesday morning at 7:15 A.M. in New Jersey.



This past Sunday, on Lag Ba'omer, our family participated in three special Lag Ba'omer festivities. 


First we joined the great parade that took place at Lubavitch Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The parade and fair were very well thought-out and organized. There were all kinds of floats; marching bands and world-renowned singers entertained the adults and children. 


Of special note were the 1,200 children from Release Time who marched in the parade with plaques and banners proclaiming their pride in being Jewish and being connected to Hashem, Torah, and mitzvot. 


The Release Time program is made up of Jewish public school kids who are given one hour a week for Judaic studies. It was amazing to watch them march and be part of this special parade. 


Link to photos of the parade


Also, an inspiring article, “The Underdog, My Hero,” about the parade organizer caught my eye.Here is a link

We then visited the parade and outing arranged by Chabad of Staten Island. Pictured are Dovid Gold and Aharon Meir Khazanovich from Sharon, who study at the Yeshivah in Staten Island, at the outing. 



Finally, we joined the festivities at Chabad of Manalapan, New Jersey. In addition to the walk for Friendship Circle and fair there was a first upsherenish (haircutting) for Moshe Chazanov. We extend a hearty mazel tov to the whole family. Pictured is Moshe at his upsherenish.


Best wishes for a wonderful, joyous Shabbos!


Rabbi Chaim Wolosow

Chabad of Sharon