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5/20/2011 Bechukosei Newsletter





Dear Friend,

In this newsletter you will find a new article entitled, Cast your bread upon the water, and you will find it.” 

With all of the excitement of the Lag Ba’omer celebrations coming up on Sunday, we at Chabad of Sharon have been basking in our own excitement as well.

Thank G-d, this Shabbos, at Chabad of Sharon we will be celebrating a third consecutive Shabbos Bar Mitzvah, followed next Shabbos by a Bat Mitzvah!

For the past two weeks, Chabad of Sharon has been buzzing in anticipation and preparation for the Bar Mitzvah of Eliezer Redlich, which is coming up this Shabbos. 

 This morning, we were treated to a sneak preview of what is to come. Eliezer, the Bar Mitzvah boy, read the Torah portion for Thursday, and the proud father, Meir Mordechai, made the traditional blessing ofbaruch she-ptarani.



We all joined in some lively dancing, circling the bimah and the Torah. 




We were also treated to one of the best hagbehs I have ever seen by Mr. Alex Flig!


 Rabbi Yosi Kievman from Chabad of Mansfield also arranged for an aliya and a special l'chaim for Howard Schafer (Chananya Feivel ben Yakov Leib) of Foxboro on the occasion of his birthday. We all joined in wishing him a year of blessings and success.


 We are sorry to see Yonasan and Basya Korin moving from the Sharon community to North Miami, Florida. The Korins lived in Sharon for the last couple of years while Yonasan attended Harvard Law School. We watched Yonasan and Basya grow in their commitment and knowledge of Torah and mitzvos. We are proud to have had such a special family amongst us for the time they stayed here. Thank you to Chabad in Austin, Texas, and Chabad of Cambridge, Massachusetts, for helping them along their journey to reaching spiritual heights.

 Finally, this morning's celebrations concluded with a beautiful bris. Mark and Lizzle Ravech named their new baby boy Nitey Hershel. We wish the entire family much nachas from their new addition and the rest of the family.





Best wishes to our readers for an enjoyable and inspirational Shabbat!

Rabbi Chaim Wolosow

Chabad of Sharon


“Cast your bread upon the water, and you will find it.”

 Cast your bread upon the water, and you will find it.”

Celebrating three Bar Mitzvahs and a Bat Mitzvah!

Thank G-d, this Shabbos at Chabad of Sharon we will be celebrating a third consecutive Bar Mitzvah, followed next Shabbos by a Bat Mitzvah!

While in some large congregations this may not be a big deal, for our congregation this is truly remarkable. We thank Hashem for providing us with such wonderful occasions to celebrate. We pray for continued simchos only!

This past Shabbos we celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of Menachem Mendel Rothman.

Sometime in the early to mid-1980s a young boy named Paul, who was about 15 years old, joined the New England Hebrew Academy Lubavitz Yeshiva in Brookline. Paul has since become Dovid.

At the time, Dovid lived with his family in Randolph and got involved with Rabbi Ben-Zion Shaffer and the Y.I. of Randolph. Rabbi Shaffer also served as the Hebrew principal of the New England Hebrew Academy and he introduced Dovid to the Yeshiva.

Dovid was a shy, quiet, and soft-spoken boy with a keen, brilliant mind. He had very little background in Jewish studies, and he started from the bottom and quickly made his way to the top.

(On a side note, I remember how no one expected this quiet kid to be anything but studious. You can only imagine how jaws dropped seeing for the very first time how Dovid hit that baseball over the fence!)

Eventually, Dovid made it to the Drapkin Yeshivah Collage, Yeshivah Gedolah of Boston (school of higher learning) as an outstanding student! In those years Dovid spent all Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim at our home in Sharon and became part of our family.

After his marriage to his wife Yehudis and a short stint as a teacher with the Shluchim in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Rothmans moved back to Massachusetts and settled in Sharon. Both Rabbi Dovid and Yehudis Rothman have since dedicated their lives to education, teaching and nurturing the children.

For several years Rabbi Rothman also taught at the Chabad Day and High School of Sharon with distinction. Just a few weeks ago one of his former high school students shared with me that the material she remembers best is that which Rabbi Rothman taught her.

As we were celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of Menachem Mendel, son of Rabbi and Mrs. Rothman, my mind wandered and brought back many fond memories from some 25 years ago when I first met Mendel’s father, Rabbi Dovid Rothman. Rabbi Rothman was then just a few years older then the Bar Mitzvah boy now. As I watched Mendel reading each word so carefully, clearly pronouncing each syllable, he reminded me of his father's attention to detail and how he learned to daven and study Torah!

A thought came to mind: twenty-five years back, when we opened up our home and hearts to this young boy, we had no idea or expectations of anything in return. But, you see, the student who remembers everything Rabbi Rothman taught her is our very own daughter Mimi.

Thank you, Rabbi Rothman, for being a master and devoted teacher, and mazal tov to the entire Rothman family! May you have continued nachas from Mendel and the rest of the family!