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Likutei Sichos vol. 15 – Noach 2

What does the זהר say will happen on the year 5,600?

This will help user in what?

How is this connected to the פסוק in פרשת נח?

What is meant by חכמתא לעילא?

What is meant by חכמתא לתתא?

How did the צ"צ explain the קץ of תר"ח?

What does יתפרנסון mean and with regards to what was it said?

Around when was the התגלות of the בעל שם טוב?

The above points to the expansion of חכמתא דלעילא what about חכמות העולם?

What is the Rebbe asking? (2 questions)

The ultimate goal of all creations is for?

 So what would be the goal of science?

Who used science for the service of Hashem and Torah?

Is this for everyone?

If not used properly what does it do to you?

Why is it not a good argument for a person to say I will be in a bad surrounding but I won’t fail?

 What are some of the main things that will be changed when משיח comes?

What does וראו כל בשר mean?

The Rebbe says that it does not say וראו כל עיני בשר but וראו כל בשר this means?

The Rebbe says that science can help one understand and prepare for the future when וראו כל בשר how?