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Likutei Sichos vol. 15 – Noach 1

How long did it take for נח to build the תבה? Where is this stated?

נח was commended to build the תבה as it says?

What would the תבה  provide for נח personally and for the whole world?

What is the Rebbe’s question?

Who should of addressed this question?

Why can’t we say that נח delay was actually not proper as stated earlier in רש"י according to one opinion in the word בדורותיו?

Did נח know and from where did he know that Hashem will be waiting 120 years before bringing the flood?

Why can’t we say that the reason נח was in no rush to build the תבה was because he will only need the תבה in 120 years and in the meantime he can by busy getting the people to do תשובה? (2 answers)

What was the reason רש"י and the מדרש give for Hashem troubling נח to build a תיבה when there are many other means available to Hashem to save נח?

How does this answer the above question?

But the Rebbe is not satisfied with this answer. Why?

The Rebbe concludes Hashem plan from the start was to troub נח to build something which takes 120 years and not that it was?

The Rebbe explains from the אברבנאל that עשה לך means?

So therefore who was supposed to do all of the construction of the תבה by himself?

It therefore not surprising that it took נח? It is actually surprising?

Why could we not apply the rule of שליח של אדם כמותו in this case?