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Likutei Sichos vol. 1 - Chayei Sara


According to the interpretation of the  זהרwhat does שרה represent?

What does אברהם represent?

What does בקרית ארבע mean?

According to this interpretation of the זהר the רבי asks what?

The בעל שם טוב translates the following:

כי תראה חמור?


When are they enemies?

רובץ תחת משאו?

Why is it משאו his load?

Although the מצוות are for the נשמות בגופים yet?

Not only מצוות which involve action involve the physical but also?

What are examples of חובת הלבבות?

What is an example of חובת המוח?

The above מצוות need to also be felt in?

Examples how they are felt?

What is the story with the אלטער רבי?

What is the story of the צמח צדק?

How did the צמח צדק with the move across his forehead remove the effects of the משקה?

What do we see from the story of the צמח צדק that the fear of השם can?

What is the example for אהבה from ר' נחום טשערנאבעלער?

Continue with the interpretation of the בעל שם טוב:

וחדלת מעזוב לו?

What are the 2 things a person might think how to deal with his body’s interference with the service of Hashem?

If you have all כוונות but you don’t fulfil the מצוה in actuality?

If you do the מצוה with no כוונה?

What does וועט מען עם שמייסען mean?

What is the story of the צמח צדק with the ברית?

What do we see from there?

Now we can understand why כל אשר תאמר אליך שרה שמע בקולה?

In the future we will all see the advantage of שרה the body but by אברהם it was already then. Why?