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Likutei Sichos vol. 1 - Noach

המבול פעל טהרה בעולם כ"מקוה"; טרדות הפרנסה "מים רבים" . ס"א
Questions on לקו"ש נח חלק 1

Why was the מבול for 40 days.

Why is the מבול referred to as מי נח?

What are the מים רבים in a person’s life?

Why is a מקוה 40 סאה?

What is the idea of immersing in a מקוה?

What Is the explanation why Hashem gives a person challenges?

How can a person change a situation for the better quickly?


What is the lesson from the תהום רבה?

What is the lesson from ארובות השמים?

Should one’s occupation with community matters interfere with observance of Mitzvos?

How do we know that one’s reasons for not studying Torah and doing Mitzvos are not legitimate?

How does one save themselves from the מי המבול?

How does the בעל שם טוב interpret the meaning of תבה?

What is the significance of starting the day with מודה אני and ברכות etc.?

Why do we make the morning blessings for things we already have?

What is the meaning of איזה חכם הרואה את הנולד?

The Davening changes the person attitude towards things. How?

How do we explain the prayer of רב ייסא סבא who would pray for food while his food was in front of him?