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13 of Tishrei - Yahrtzeit of Rebbe Maharash - age 49

7th and youngest son of the Tzemach Tzedek

  "אחד באחד יגשו" – גימטריא 13

יום הסתלקות אבין אדמו"ר הצ"צ י"ג ניסן

Lechatechilah Ariber 

What happened in ימי חב"ד on י"ג תשרי, תרמ"ג?

What number son was the Rebbe מהר"ש?

אחד באחד יגשו How does this connect to the Rebbe Mahrash and Tzemach Tzedek?

How old was the Rebbe מהר"ש when he passed away?

What did the Rebbe מהר"ש do to his clock?

How many children did the רבי מהר"ש have?

What was his daughter name?

Tzemach Tzedek wanted the מהר"ש to at least live till age 52 like?

What did the Rebbe מהר"ש tell his רביצין?

What is the significance of 32 above and below?