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Yemei Chabad - Kislev 14

In 5689 (Nov. 27, 1928) wedding of the Rebbe with the Rebetzin Chaya Mushkah, Daughter of the previous Rebbe.


What day and year did the Rebbe get married?

Where did the wedding take place?

Where in Warsaw did the wedding take place?

What was the name of the previous Rebbe’s father in law?

What Mamer did the Rebbe say?

What did the Rebbe do with the Yeshivah students?

How did the Rebbe invite all the Rabbaim to the wedding?

What was the gift the Previous Rebbe gave to the guest at the wedding?

What took place in the Rebbe’s parents’ home in Yekatrinaslav?

What is so special about Kislev 14?