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Yemei Chabad - Kislev 10

In the year 5587 (/12/10/1826 ) the Mitteler was freed from his imporesment.


  1. What Happened on יוד ככסלו?
  2. What year was that?
  3. When was he imprisoned?
  4. Why did they arrest the Mittler Rebbe?
  5. What did they say?
  6. What did the מיטעלער רבי prove to the investigators?
  7. What did the governor say they should do?
  8. What did theמיטעלער רבי  do?
  9. What were the חסידים worried?
  10. How did it turn out?
  11. It worked out great for him and the governor honored the Rebbe.
  12. What happened in middle of the arguments of the slanderer?
  13. He referred to the מיטעלער רבי with the title Rebbe. So the Rebbe said you can see that even while his making up all of his accusations he still calls me Rebbe.
  14. What did the governor tell the slanderer?
  15. Why was the first יוד כסלו bitter sweet?
  16. The Mitteler Rebbe passed away the following yera on the 9th of Kislev a day before the supposed to be the celebration of his freedom.


  1. The Mittler Rebbe was freed from prison.
  2. תקפ"ז (Dec. 10, 1826)
  3. On 28th day of Tishrei they came to arrest him. He was taken on Sunday, of פרשת נח
  4. The Misnagdim slandered  him . Also the מיטעלער רבי did not want a certain שידוך and the people were angry and they stooped to the low level of slandering the Rebbe.
  5. They forged documents to make the Mittler Rebbe look like he has raised enormous amount of money, that would make him look bad. They changed a number to make it look a lot more money than it was.
  6. That all the money sent to Israel was for the poor people. He showed them how they forged the documents
  7. Is to have the מיטעלער רבי face of with his accusers and slanderers.
  8. He put on his שבת clothe and went with a beautiful carriage he looked like an angel.
  9. That the רבי’s look of royalty would work against him.