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3 of Cheshvan - יום פטירת המהרי"ל מקאפוסט בן אדמו"ר הצ"צ תרכ"ז

בן שני להצ"צ נולד בשנת תקס"ח

What happened on ג' חשון  in ימי חב"ד?

What does מהרי"ל stand for?

Which number son of the צ"צ was he?

What year was he born?

Who was his סנדק?

How much later did the אלטער רבי pass away?

The צמח צדק married his cousin how?

What was the צמח צדק wife name?

What was the צמח צדק mother’s name?

How did the Miteler Rebbe refer to the מהר"ל and why?

What kind of business was he in?

What did he write instead of a number?

Where did he settle after his father’s passing?

What happened shortly afterwards?

Who continued the קאפוסט dynasty?