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Shavuot all night learning program

Shavuot Ice cream party

New article "Your are part of the choir - Fifty years of Shlichus

Dear Friend,

Next week, Wednesday and Thursday, June 8 and 9, is Shavuot. We would like to remind everyone to join their local synagogues on Wednesday for the reading of the Ten Commandments and enjoy this special holiday.

We invite you to an Ice Cream Party Kiddush following services on Wednesday, June 8, at Chabad Center of Sharon. Everyone is welcome. See link

Also, we invite you to join us for an all-night learning session at our home, 27 Summit Avenue in Sharon. Light snacks and coffee will be served. Wednesday, June 8, 12:00 midnight through the night. See link.

Also please remember to place your ads in our Jewish Art Calendar. We count on your participation to reach our goal! Please follow link.


This past Shabbos we celebrated the bat mitzvah of Rosalie Barkley at Chabad of Sharon.

Rosalie and family go back with Chabad of Sharon many years. Rosalie attended Chabad Day School, Hebrew School, and Camp Gan Israel of Sharon.

It was really impressive to see how Rosalie has matured into a beautiful young woman. She really impressed everyone with the dvar Torah she delivered in honor of her bat mitzvah.

At hand were Michele, Rosalie’s mom, and Dr. Larry and Susan Cable, grandparents, who have dedicated their lives to their children and grandchildren.

The Cables are truly outstanding members of our community. They are loved and respected by all! They are friends with everyone; they never judge and never tire!

Despite having already raised their own children, they continue to give unlimited love and affection to their grandchildren. They are true heroes.

Jamie, Rosalie’s brother, who is loved by all in Chabad, shared his best wishes for his sister on her special day. He really had some nice words for his sister.

Rebbitzen Wolosow, who tutors Rosalie for her Judaic studies, spoke of Rosalie’s devotion to Judaism and her maturity in approaching this milestone in her life. Rosalie never goes by the clock, the Rebbitzen said; she always wants to learn and do more!

We extend our best wishes for much nachas from her and from the rest of the family.

Best wishes for a good and inspirational Shabbat.

Rabbi Chaim Wolosow

Chabad of Sharon




You are part of the Choir - Fifty years of Shlichus!

In honor of Rabbi Ephraim & Miriam Rosenblum being honored at the 67th annual Celebration of Yeshiva Schools

Most children don’t grow up having a brother in-law at a young age, but that is exactly what I grew up with.

I am talking about my sister Miriam and brother-in-law Ephraim Rosenblum. They got married when I was all of four years old. My earliest childhood memories of Miriam and Ephraim are that they moved away on shlichus to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, never to return. They have been there ever since!

You may know that Rabbi Rosenblum possesses a special talent for singing. He has a beautiful voice and whenever they would come back home to visit our parents home, Ephraim would entertain us with his special gift, his voice. (If you were fortunate enough to ever hear their children or grandchildren sing, you realize that he passed along this great talent to them.)

But I am talking about a lot more than just a beautiful voice; his beautiful voice is merely a reflection of his and my sister’s beautiful characters.

There is a saying that goes something like this: “When you are speaking and someone tries to say something, that’s called interrupting, but when you sing and someone else begins to sing, that’s called harmony.”

In a world that is full of competition. Everyone trying to protect their turf, the Rosenblums stand out as role models of giving and modesty. They care and share with strangers they never knew. They have a non-judgmental attitude toward everyone and everything.

They always include others and never exclude, they always embrace and never push away, and they always put someone else’s interests before their own. When you meet up with the Rosenblums they bring you into the choir, and you join in song. Together a beautiful melody is sung to Hashem.

Both Rabbi and Rebbitzen Rosenblum have dedicated their lives to teaching and educating children. You would be hard-pressed to find a greater zechus than theirs. Fifty years of non-stop dedication, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Fifty years of uninterrupted devotion.

When I was a youngster, Rabbi Rosenblum would occasionally take me to 770. I’m talking about something like 50 years ago. Even then I remember we could not go through the shul or the street in front of 770 without everyone stopping to say hello to Rabbi Rosenblum!

Everyone greeted him with the greatest respect. Most were his students to whom he taught Torah and the love of Hashem and his Mitzvos. Others were those they would take into their home and hearts and feed, and give advice and comfort.

Today I would not venture to go along with Rabbi Rosenblum because I would probably still be in 770 with him saying hello to the hundreds of people whom he touched in so many ways over the years since.

But what I marvel at and always wondered is the sense of humility and modesty this couple possesses. It is hard to understand how people do so much and yet seek no recognition for themselves. Everything they do is sort of matter-of -act, with simplicity and l’sheim Shamayim.

That is why everyone loves and adores the Rosenblums. They are genuine spiritual giants and, in the end, that is what is appreciated by the people the most.

Now a word about my sister Miriam: I did not really know her well when I was growing up; she lived in a different city and state from us. I don’t know when exactly, at what point in my life, she became my hero.

I want to tell her how proud she makes our family with the great acts of kindness and goodness that she does.

She helps so many people in need in so many different ways. Sometimes providing them the simple staples of life and sometimes making sure that there are funds for a kid who needs an aid in order to go to school. She puts to shame any big organization with big budgets, secretaries, and fundraisers; she is one person, pulling it all together.

Her dedication to the Rebbe’s mivtzaim is incredible. She does not send others; she stands there by herself doing the work. Being tired, cold, or busy with a simcha in the family, are not going to stop her from doing what needs to be done.

Finally, I know how much she is waiting for the Rebbe’s promise that Moshiach is coming soon to be fulfilled. She is trying her hardest to do what the Rebbe wants and to bring Moshiach once and for all. I also know how much she wants there to be achdus (unity) amongst all Jews.

Last year, on Friday, after the bar mitzvah of the grandson of the Rosenblums, Mrs. Rosenblum was giving out pamphlets and Shabbos candles on Murray Avenue in front of the supermarket, as she does every Friday. I was there with her. I felt as if the Rebbe himself must have been smiling from the nachas Mrs. Rosenblum brings him.

I could almost hear him say how proud he is of his Shluchim and especially of the 50 years of dedicated service of Miriam and Ephraim Rosenblum. They are exemplary Shluchim who are living up to the name and fulfilling their mission to the fullest.

May they go from strength to strength!

Many more years of good health and happiness with much success in their avodas hakodesh.