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אברהם יצחק יעקב

  1. How many of the אבות do we find in our פרשה?
  2. Besides the first פסוק where else is there a story relating to אברהם? 
  3. How do we know that ישמעאל did תשובה? 
  4. How do we really know from there, maybe the Torah writes it that way because יצחק belongs before ישמעאל?
  5. What kind of children did אברהם have?
  6. What kind of children did יצחק have?
  7. How about יעקב’s children?
  8. But we find some bad things about יעקב children?
  9. Why is יעקב called מטתו שלימה?
  10. Where did אברהם  spend most of his life? 
  11. Where did יצחק  spend all of his life? 
  12. How about יעקב?
  13. What is surprising? 
  14. What can we learn from this? 
  15. What happened in the old days the מסירת נפש? 
  16. What do we see today?


  1. All three אברהם, יצחק  and יעקב.
  2. יעקב was cooking נזיד עדשים for the morning after אברהם
  3. In the end of last weeks פרשה it says יצחק before ישמעאל when they buried him.
  4. Perhaps the Torah did not have to mention him at all.
  5. Good and bad. יצחק and ישמעאל.
  6. Good and bad, יעקב and עשיו
  7. All good.
  8. That was mainly orchestrated by Hashem.
  9. All his children are צדיקים.
  10. In ארץ ישראל
  11. In ארץ ישראל
  12. In many places in חוץ לארץ
  13. How all יעקב  children were צדיקים
  14. That many times when you go out from your comfortable place you can still have much הצלחה
  15. Children grew up חסידים
  16. Children growing up  from שליחות are doing very well