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ויביאה האוהלה שרה אמו

  1. ויבאה האהלה שרה אמו what does this mean?
  2. What were the 3 miracles?
  3. What do we see from this verse?
  4. What are the 3 special מצות for women?
  5. Does Hashem make miracle in vein?
  6. What happens when שבת comes?
  7. What happens when the weekday comes?
  8. How can we interpret נר דלוק מע"ש לערב שבת?
  9. How can we explain ברכה מצויה בעיסה?
  10. How can we apply this to כ' חשון?


  1. That the miracles that would take place by שרה continued with רבקה.
  2. The light burnt all week. There was blessing in the dough and there was a cloud over the tent.
  3. That שרה’s life continued as her special miracles continued with רבקה so it is really חיי שרה.
  4. Shabbat candles, separating חלה and טהרת המשפחה
  5. No.
  6. We are excited there is holiness in our life.
  7. We are back into life’s crunch.
  8. To extend the light and holiness of שבת into the weekday.
  9. The holiness of the שבת bread lasts through the week.
  10. Although the holy experience of Lubavitch seemed to cease when the רבי רש"ב was forced to move out of Lubavitch the flame continues to burn.