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חיי שרה לאחר מיתת שרה

  1. Why is the name חיי שרה when most of the פרשה is talking about events after her death?
  2. What is the משל of the מדרש?
  3. It should be the other way. Why?
  4. The same is true that we need not be upset when the time comes for one to pass. Why?
  5. Which word does it not say when יעקב passed away?
  6. What does the גמרא say about this.
  7. How do we see in the פסוק with regard to שרה?


  1. The life of a righteous person can be really seen after their passing?
  2. A boat when it leaves with the people is sent off by friends and reletives with great excitement but when it comes back no big deal is made out of it.
  3. Because when you start a journey we don’t know if how the journey will work out. But on the return if your successful there is reason for celebrations.
  4. Since if the person lived an accomplished life then they had a successful journey.
  5. It does not say מת
  6. יעקב אבינו לא מת מה זרעו בחיים אף הוא בחיים
  7. The Torah repeats many times the words שנה to tell us that she had a perfect life. That is why it is really חיי שרה after she finished her journey.