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צהר תעשה לתבה

צהר תעשה לתבה what is the meaning of צהר?

What are the 2 פירושים of רש"י?

What is an additional פירוש?

Did the sun and moon function during the מבול?

How many windows were there how do we know this?

What are the 2 problems the Rebbe asks on רש"י comment that it was a window?

From where do we see that some of the items נח needed Hashem relied on נח?

How does the Rebbe explain?

From where do we know that even if צהר means a precious stone we still have to say that there was a window in the תבה?

The Rebbe explains that a window can still be useful for 2 reasons?

Why does רש"י choose as his first interpretation window and the second precious stone?

How dos the בעל שם טוב interpret the verse בא אל התבה?