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006 - 6th of Tishrei - Yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chanah

Torah and Tea Tishrei 6 5778

What happened on Vov Tishrei and on which year was it and what day of the week?

What was the date that Rebetzin Chana was born?

What was the Rebbe doing when he found out of his mother’s passing?

What did the Rebbe start to teach in his mother’s memory?

What did the Rebbe do to avoid from his mother pain?

of Rebetzin Chana’s father, what was his name and what was his position?

What did the Rebetzin do when a new Mamer arrived from the Rebbe?

She was also very musically inclined, where did she get this from?

Who suggested the shiduch with Reb Levik and how old was she?

What was the date of the wedding?

What was the Rebbe’s lineage until the Tzemach Tzededk?

How long was Reb Levi Yitzchak rabbi in Yekatrineslav?

What did she do during world war 1?

Why were the Rebbe’s parents not allowed to travel to their son’s wedding?

What did they do on the day of the Rebbe’s wedding?

What happened to Rabbi Levi Yitzchak because of his leadership in yidishkeit?

What did the Rebetzin do?

How did she produce ink?

In the end she brought out all the books, this was really an act of?

In 1946 she left Alma Ata and came to?

How did the Chasidim escape the U.S.S.R.?

Why did they come to the U.S.A. by boat and not by plane?

What was the address she lived at and what is there today?

What did the Rebbe do to honor his mother every single day?

 She also recorded the history of her life and they were published in?

Who was the writer that interviewed and helped here record and publish?

A part was not printed why?

Where is she interned?

What happened to her seat in 770 where she would sit on the day she passed?

How many children did she have and what were their names?

Who is the surviving decedent of the Rebetzin Chana?