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Rosh Hashanah - Prayer of Chanah


Who was the Judge in the time of Chanah?

What was the name of Chana’s husband?

What would Peninah say to Chanah?

What did Chanah promise to Hashem?

Why and what did עלי say to Chanah?

What did Chana respond?

What did עלי then say to her?

What happened after this?

Why did she name him Shmuel?

At what age did she bring Shmuel to עלי?

Why do we read this on Rosh Hashanah?

What can we learn from Chana’s prayer?

Who are some of the other women who did not have children and needed prayer?

What is unique in Chana’s case?

Which new name was used for Hashem by Chanah?

What did Chana have in mind when she called Hashem by this special name? 2 explanations?


What can we learn about our prayer to Hashem?

What happens when you are joyful?